Global glass products giant Schott AG plans to triple its production of ready-to-use vials at its South Lebanon plant.

According to reports, Schott will make a “double-digit million Euro” investment in the plant.

“We are increasing our production capacity intending to meet the growing need for this product category and contribute to bringing the latest life-saving treatments to patients faster,” said Hakan Gerdan, the new manager of the Lebanon plant, in a press release.

The company said its ready-to-use vials come pre-washed and sterilized, and are packaged in a standardize tub to simplify the filling process for use to distribute doses of vaccines or other drugs.

“We are running at maximum capacity at the Lebanon facility,” said Chris Cassidy, vice president for Pharmaceutical Systems of Schott North America, earlier this year in an interview with LebTown.

“We’ve seen no slowdown, and have orders out beyond 2022.”

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