The Lebanon County Conservation District will be conducting a targeted mosquito spraying in Swatara and Bethel townships on Thursday evening, Sept. 15.

The spraying operation will be carried out with a truck-mounted ultra-low volume mosquito spray.

CDC image of an example truck-mounted mosquito sprayer.

LCCD said in a release that it will be targeting residential and recreational areas in and around the following streets:

  • Horizon Drive
  • Airport Road
  • Village Drive
  • Creek Drive
  • Shirk Drive
  • Weaverland Road
  • Township Line Drive
  • Circle Road
  • Old Route 22
  • Burkholder Lane

LCCD noted in the release that other roads and areas close to those listed above may be sprayed as well.

LCCD requested that residents remain inside while the spray operation is being conducted and for 30 minutes afterwards. The spraying is set to begin around sunset, or approximately 8:00 p.m.

According to the release, these areas were targeted because high populations of adult mosquitoes that can transmit West Nile Virus to humans have been detected there. In case of rain or other unexpected circumstances, the spray operation will be held instead on Sept. 19.

LCCD said that the specific product they will be using is Aquaduet (PDF), a combination of two pesticides (prallethrin and sumithrin) that is sprayed in microscopic droplets. Because the droplets are so small, LCCD said, they degrade quickly and are only “potent” for about 20 minutes, and does not adhere to vegetation or leech into groundwater.

LCCD said that nighttime sprays are used to prevent unintentional harm to bees, which are far less active after dusk.

More information about LCCD’s mosquito-borne disease control program can be found on the organization’s website.

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